An Intimate At-Home Birthday Dinner Filled with Lots of Love

Call it serendipity, call it fate, call it whatever you want — but it’s no mistake at all that I share my birthday with Valentine’s Day. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a hopeless romantic with a serious passion for anything and everything pink. I just love love (and hearts!). As a little girl, I drew hearts everywhere (at the end of my last name, in my notebooks… even my first car had a heart decal on the lid for the gas tank!). So, when it came time to make a plan for how I wanted to celebrate my birthday this year, I knew I wanted pink and hearts… and lots of it!

intimate at-home birthday 1

For my intimate birthday dinner at home with my family, I wanted to incorporate all of my favorite decorative details and sweet treats. From vintage tabletop, french macarons to lush arrangements of flowers, and lots of candlelights, I wanted to present a romantic, sweet and elegant affair to bring in my 30’s.

I already knew I wanted to team up with my absolute favorite people in the world — Holly Flora, Dish Wish, and Sweet and Saucy Shop. They’re my dream team and I remain obsessed! I can’t thank them enough for always making all my parties one of a kind.

Holly Flora put together the lushest, most romantic floral arrangements in bronze vases of various sizes. Nothing is more gorgeous (or makes me happier!) than a whole bunch of artfully arranged florals in inviting soft pink tones. Then, with the help of my friends at Dish Wish, I created a vintage tablescape in coordinating gold and blush tones to match the overall palette and theme. The mismatched look pulled the table together perfectly in an effortlessly chic way I just love.

pink lace dress heart macaron cake valentines day dinner valentines day dinner

Sweet and Saucy Shop created the simplest, most charming pink cake covered in gold flakes for me. I couldn’t get enough of the heart shaped macaroon toppers — so cute!

To match the evening, I wore a delicate lace dress from Ted Baker in a coordinating blush tone. I paired this beautiful, timeless dress with my absolute favorite blush pumps from Valentino. I couldn’t have asked for a better evening at home celebrating with my family!


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