A Modern Mexican Twist on a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

If I had to give this Cinco de Mayo celebration a rating it’d easily be a big five of five bright golden stars! A few weeks ago, I got together with a couple of amazing vendor friends of mine to shoot some major inspo for the upcoming Cinco de Mayo festivities. You guys know me — I’m a total sucker for a holiday gathering, especially when its one that gives me a good excuse to bring friends together for a party!

For this celebration we wanted to bring a more modern spin to the traditional Cinco de Mayo festivities we see so often here in California. For me, it was most important to get the menu just right — I wanted something authentic, but with a fresh twist. So of course I went straight to celebrity chef Haute Chef to create a modern and amazingly delicious menu for the party. Passed hors d’oeuvres included mini pulled chicken tacos, fried purple cauliflower bites (that were muy caliente!), and mini ceviche cups. The stationed lunch featured mint and cilantro green rice, wood fired deliciously fresh farmers market vegetables, Mexican kale caesar salad, Oaxacan style black beans, and grilled shrimp with pesto. To end, we feasted on rice pudding and churros (so, so delicious) — the perfect conclusion to a super delectable day. It goes without saying that everything not only looked good, but tasted delicious, too!

Speaking of things looking good, I wanted to keep the decor clean and super simple for this party. My supremely talented and very favorite florist, Brooke from MTF Studio, created the most lush florals that added a beautiful pop of pink to the otherwise neutral table and setting. I also set up a fun little lounge for guests to mingle and hang out after lunch, which included a bar area heaped with a mixture of three different tequilas for tasting — Herradura, Don Julio, and Ocho Reposado. I also provided two types of salt and lime for the all of the party-goers and taste-testers. Hands down, Don Julio continues to be my favorite!

What about you, what’s your favorite tequila? And, what’s your favorite way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? If you were inspired by this post, let me know in the comments section or by sending me an email at janet@moderndame.com!

Photo By: Steve Steinhardt

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