New Age, New Me

It’s that time of the year where I celebrate getting older. I’ve always looked forward to my birthday when I was younger. It was another reason to plan a party, wear a pretty dress, hang out with my best friends, and eat lots of candy and cake! I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve always known how to throw a great party, even from a young age.

I seriously think that I was born to a be party planner because even when I was a teenager I was in charge of the flowers, decoration, entertainment, desserts at every event or family gathering. I was so obsessive about all the little details and wanting everything to be perfect that I’m pretty sure I drove my parents crazy! They have been my designated co-coordinators since day one.

Ever since I turned thirty, however, things started to change. My priorities in life shifted and I wanted to spend money more intelligently. Yes, parties are nice, but now I want to do more meaningful things, and not just look for an excuse for temporary enjoyment. So, this year I did something that used to be unthinkable for meinstead of spending on a big party, I put the money in my savings! Yes, you heard right! Savings.

People know I am quite generous with my spending, but thanks to my husband, James, who has been teaching me about assets, expenses, and liabilities, I’ve picked up a thing or two over the years. He’s always been much better at managing money than I was. Which is a probably a good thing I married him.

And it’s not just me who’s becoming smarter about finances. While I was getting my nails done the other day, I overheard a couple girls chatting not about boys or fashion, but about building a business, making investments, and basically how to become a girl boss! These days, I feel like everyone is focusing on how to become successful and trying to make it in a world that’s constantly changing.

So, as I become one year older and a (bit) wiser, I’ve learned to become more conscious about how and where I spend my money. I’ve always believed that the earlier you start saving and investing, the more time you have to enjoy life and do what you love.

It’s equally important to be generous with others, in my view. I’ve been very blessed in life, and I strongly believe a big reason for that is because I’ve always been very generous with other people and with my money. This has to do with something I learned in church about tidingthe more generosity and love you give to others, the more it comes back to you. And as someone who has witnessed many miracles and has experienced so much love, I couldn’t agree more.

So, what did I end up doing for my birthday? Aside from putting the money aside for my future, I spent the day with my nearest and dearest and wore a beautiful dress. No lavish parties, no long guest list. Just me, my hubby, plus one gorgeous dress with ruby color beads and floral appliqués. You know, just to get me in the birthday mood.

I guess some things will never change.

Thanks for reading and I wish everyone a happy and successful year ahead!

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