Lovely in Lavender: An Inspired French Countryside Luncheon

There’s something so luxurious about lavender, isn’t there? The soft, sweet smell. The inviting blue and purple hues. When I think spring, I think lavender. More specifically, the lavender fields in the South of France. Can you imagine spending a day in the countryside? Just you, a big, bright blue sky, and rows and rows of fragrant, natural beauty. I for one can’t picture a better way to spend a sunny afternoon which is why, as I sat down to plan a pre-Easter luncheon I wanted to host for all of the lovely ladies in my life (including my wonderfully stylish mother, aunt, and cousin), I knew lavender would be the primary source of inspiration.

Sometimes Los Angeles can’t possibly feel any farther away from the tranquil, picture-perfect French countryside, but, last Saturday, I think we came pretty close to recreating it in my very own backyard. Instead of rows and rows of lavender, though, a single, rustic table dotted with mismatched chairs chosen to create a shabby, yet still chic, look, sat beneath a big, shady tree. Arrangements of garden roses, lilacs, ranunculus, sweet peas, and lavender served as the centerpieces and, along with the dried french lavender placed on each setting, filled the air with a rich, intoxicating scent. Silver trays gleamed in the bright, California sun, and a sprinkling of dried french lavender buds provided the perfect bed for the luncheon’s signature cocktail – St. Germain French 77 with bubbling, effervescent champagne. On the table, the most gorgeous vintage crystal goblets and coupes worked in perfect harmony with the white china and silver flatware to create an intimately beautiful countryside fête right here in LA. Lavender washed menu cards were tucked lovingly into lace-trimmed napkins and outlined the day’s fare: beautifully crafted tea sandwiches, fresh spring salads, lemon cakes adorned with – you guessed it – more lavender, the creamiest deviled eggs, and fresh fig topped with mascarpone, honey, and pistachios served in their own mini glass jars, which were enthusiastically devoured by all. For dessert, more masterfully composed on-theme delights filled the table, including a rustic red velvet cake, divine lavender macarons, and some seriously adorable egg-shaped Rice Krispie treats. After lunch, lavender-infused Earl Grey tea was sipped from white-washed tea cups, just as, I like to imagine, we would have done sat out beneath the great big sun, amongst rows and rows of sweet lavender in the South of France.

How do you like to celebrate the arrival of Spring and the Easter holiday? If you were inspired by today’s post, leave me a comment down below or email me at I’d love to hear from you! I’m eternally grateful to the wonderful vendors who helped me bring my vision to life, including Holly Flora (floral arrangements), Dish Wish (tabletop rentals), Brooke Foley from MTF Studio (menu design), Haute Chef LA (catering), and Sweet and Saucy Shop (desserts). Thank you for all of your absolutely gorgeous work!

Photo By: Steve Steinhardt


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