Happy Father’s Day

I can honestly say I have the greatest dad ever!! My dad is a man of few words but full of actions. He’s the type to take no credit, put his wife and kids first and only see the good in people. Even if he had a tough day at work, he will come home joyously calling our names and at the time Juliet, our fur baby. I always tell my mom how lucky she is as he is the true definition of a gentleman. (my dad still buys her flowers and occasionally cooks dinner)

He strives to make life enjoyable by taking spur of the moment trips and not take things too seriously. As a residential developer, my dad would flip homes and then we would live in them for a few months before they are put back on the market. I remember each home we built my dad will give me full control over the layout and design of my room. So, my dad and I will go on dates to Home Depot and pick out paint colors, flooring, closets and bathroom cabinetry. At such a young age I didn’t realize how lucky I was to be having an opportunity like that. The experiences my parents gave us whether it was seeing a house getting built from ground up, family vacations and beautiful holidays at home, I thank my dad for making it all possible.

My dad is definitely one-of-a-kind and I am extremely grateful to call him my dad. This year as a huge gratitude for everything he has done for me I’m surprising him with a trip to Cuba! I know it’s a destination my mom and dad have been longing to go so I feel super excited to give them this experience. Only if I can get some time-off work James and I would love to join them, but hopefully sometime in the near future we can visit Cuba!

Wishing all the wonderful dads a very Happy Father’s Day! You deserve the best!

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Photo by: Caroline Tran


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