Wedding Style by Janet Pae of Modern Dame
Wedding Style by Janet Pae of Modern Dame

Modern Dame was created as a creative outlet and online destination for style-savvy ladies looking for a new voice and style aesthetic to inspire them in both the humdrum of the day-to-day and the planning of big, one-of-a-kind events.


Modern Dame is a word that, back in the day, was used to describe the lady of a household. It was also a word typically associated with female nobility in England. Today, we think being a Modern Dame is less about being a lady of the household or a lady of the court and more about being a lady of the world.

To us, being a Modern Dame isn’t just about overseeing a home, it’s about creating a space – a world – where everyone feels welcome, and where everyone has a seat at the table. Being a Modern Dame is about congeniality and hospitality and, every once in a while, throwing a really, really great party.

Here on Modern Dame we are dedicated to featuring gorgeous, lifestyle-centric imagery and innovative ideas in an effort to, in our own small way, elevate the hard work and creative passions of all women. We aspire to be a one-stop-shop for women (and our style-savvy manfriends!) who value aesthetics and are interested in admiring and creating all things beautiful in their everyday lives, no matter how big or small.

Modern Dame is for women that know that being a Modern Dame is much more than meets the eye. That being a Modern Dame is less about being a “lady”, and more about living life right at the busy intersection of passion and purpose. Because it’s right there, they reason – we reason – that life is best lived, creative passions and pursuits are most fully realized, and dreams are ultimately achieved.

Meet Janet

Janet Pae of Modern Dame
Janet Pae Young, founder

A veteran of both the fashion and event planning industries, Janet knows a good thing when she sees it — good style, as they say, is just in her bones. Growing up in Los Angeles, Janet has always been inspired by the things and people around her. Street style, new and historical architecture, and gorgeous natural scenery has always found its way into her design sketches, but it’s her birthday – Valentine’s Day – that informs her favorite color (… pink, of course!). After years of working with the biggest names in celebrity wedding planning, and running her own boutique agency, LilyJames, Janet has turned her attention to running a wholesale clothing company, as well as launching Modern Dame, a new and inspiring lifestyle destination for creative women. When Janet isn’t expertly designing all the beautiful events you see here on these pages or spending time with her hubby James and their boisterous beagle Jarvis, she can be found sipping on a latte at LAMILL or shopping solo for her next great pair of shoes.

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