A Tea Party At The Peninsula Hotel

If you know by now, you know how much I love my high tea. I swear, at times, I feel like I could be of British ancestry! Enjoying delicate sandwiches, petite fours, mini desserts, and pastries with a nice cup of tea is my idea of a perfect day.

If you too are a tea lover and ever go to Beverly Hills, I would highly recommend having high tea at the Living Room at the Peninsula Hotel. It’s undoubtedly my favorite place for high tea. I love chatting away with the soft harp music playing in the background, while enjoying delicious tea and sweets. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the harp and find it to be such an enchanting instrument. I could honestly listen to the wonderful harpist play at the Living Room for hours.

Aside from the music, the Living Room’s main attraction is their extensive tea selection. From classic Earl Grey and English breakfast teas, to soothing green teas, and exotic blends like the Tropical Peninsula, Black Assam, and luxuriously smooth Tahitian Vanilla, the Living Room is a great place to try something new.

I personally don’t have a go-to choice for tea, as my choices heavily depend on my mood; but the Tahitian Vanilla, Tropical Tisane, and Belvedere are the types of teas I tend to order most of.

As you can imagine, I am in tea heaven each time I go to the Living Room and it’s become tradition to go there for afternoon tea with friends on my birthday.

This year, we ordered the Imperial Tea, which includes a glass of champagne, caviar canapés, and the signature Peninsula Page Boy “Cap cake” ¾ modeled after the white pillbox caps Peninsula Hotel bellhops have been wearing since the 1920s. The iconic dessert is made of fluffy white sponge, covered in luscious white chocolate, filled with passion fruit cream, and decorated with a gold fondant braid. A real treat for the eyes and taste buds, this gorgeous individual cake is a big reason why the Living Room has become my favorite birthday destination.

With a setting this elegant and a menu this opulent, it’s no wonder why I feel like the Queen of England every time I glide out of the Living Room!

What do you think of afternoon teas? Would you host a high tea for your birthday or party? Share your thoughts with me in the comments!

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  1. Hi, thank you for sharing your story.
    I am planning to have a small party for my birthday in the living room Peninsula for afternoon tea. so I have some wondering if we have to make a reservation ? and do they have a souvenir that I can order for the guests..? thank you in advance ! and have a wonderful day

    1. Hi Norma! I apologize for the late response! I am not sure if your birthday has passed. If so, I hope you had a lovely birthday party!
      But yes, reservation is required. I am not sure if a souvenir is available, but I am sure that are able to create something special for your guests to take home. Thank you for reading my post and my apologies for the late reply!


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