A Daisy Birthday

Daisies signifies innocence and purity which identifies with my sweet niece, Evelyn. As we celebrate her birthday this year during this pandemic, I wanted everything to be bright and cheery with a touch of whimsy. I thought it was a nice break from all the unforeseen events that was happening in the world. Hosted at our private home it was an intimate affair with our family. Since the pandemic, it was our first gathering after being quarantined for months. We felt such gratitude to be together.

I created a simple DIY flower wall to create a whimsy backdrop in which I thank Pinterest for. I have seen flower wall creations on Pinterest and been longing to install one. Evelyn’s birthday celebration couldn’t have been more therapeutic for my creative soul. You can click here – how to create your own flower wall!

As for the tablescape, I mainly used my favorite everyday tabletop except the matte gold flatwares (those are for special occasion). The Frank Bauhaus dinner plates are versatile and I love plating and styling with these modern white plates. You can find them here. My farmhouse glass tumblers are another favorite in our household. I love the wide rim and heavy weight of the glassware, very durable. You can find them here.

Evelyn’s birthday was cheerful and bright which reflects the birthday girl’s personality. We love you so much Evelyn, my angel. Happy Birthday my love!

Thank you for reading and I hope this event inspires you to create something joyful!

Xoxo, Janet

Shot by: Erin J Saldana

Styled by: Yours Truly

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